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Creating Spikes With Hair Straightener


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A straightener is mainly used to make the hair look straight, but sometimes it can also be useful in creating different types of unique hairstyles such as a spike. There are various methods that can be followed to create the spiky look and one of the tool is the straightener. The following method can be used on a medium to long hair to create the spiky look.
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First make sure that the hair been dried fully after washing it as usual. Then comb the hair using paddle brush and use the hair straightener with medium heat all over the hair. Spread heat-activated spray all over the hair and bend the head down to make the hair fall downwards while misting it. Now take the front part of your hair and secure it with the straightener. Make the straightener to face top of the head and move it in your hair upward and down. Do the same on the remaining hair parts till the hair start to look spiky. You can also use the hair straightener once again in some parts of your hair and finally use a hairspray to end the styling. You can also use a small amount of hairstyling gel all over the hair to get into the look. Avoid brushing the hair after the styling process as it can remove the spikes created and using a finishing product is very important.

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