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Blowout Fade Hairstyle


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Blowout fade hairstyle is a completely unique way of styling the hair to create a different look. It is very easy to achieve this hairstyle, but it may look very difficult to create at home. Just follow this method to get this look at home with few simple styling tools. This hairstyle can look good on those who want to maintain their hair short and others can stay from this style. Those who have afro hair can achieve this hairstyle within few minutes and others may have to spend some additional time.
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A normal fade haircut will look light and then slightly dark. The blowout fade is very much similar to a afro hairstyles. Use clippers to cut the hair around the head with few simple strokes which will create the first line. Use the guard that is suitable for your hair along with clippers and cut the second line on the head. Make sure that you are able to get a perfect blend after the second line. Now the hair at the back of your head will look square and then move onto the other side of the head to cut the hair in the same way. The hairstyling will end with this and try to go through the entire hair over your head to see the haircut has been done in a perfect manner. Done use a hairspray at the end of the hairstyle as it can spoil the look.

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