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Treating Hair With Grape Seed Oil


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Grape seed hair oil is used for various uses such as cooking, moisturizing skin and more. But most of the people also use the same oil on their hair as it is known to be much lighter than other hair oils. It can easily absorb into the hair and skin when compared other similar hair oils. You can use this simple method to use this oil on the hair.
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First take four tbsp grape seed hair oil in a plastic lock bag and place it in a hot water for about 3-4 minutes. Then wash the hair thoroughly using a shampoo and dry it as usual using a towel after rinsing the hair. Now take the entire hair near your neck similar to a ponytail and apply the oil from the plastic lock bag over your hair. Make sure to use the oil at the end of your hair as it requires more moisture than other parts of the hair. Try to massage the oil over the scalp and let it stay for about twenty minutes. Next you can rinse the hair to remove the oil completely out of the head with warm water first and then use normal water. Continue this process for about two weeks to make the hair look beautiful as well as healthy. Don’t use the oil when it is still hot as it can damage the hair.

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