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Steps To Prevent Tangles In Fine Straight Hair


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Having a straight hair with tangles can spoil your entire look. Most of the time those who have fine straight hair will face this problem which can damage the hair. Tangles in hair occur due to various reasons and most of the time it happens due to split ends and dry hair. Treating the tangles in fine straight hair is very important to maintain it in a perfect condition.  Maintain the hair in short to medium length to stay away from tangles.
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The first option is to condition your hair on daily basis to maintain the moisture in it. Lack of moisture in the hair is also one of the reasons that can cause tangles. Use natural ways to make the hair dry after washing it and don’t put too much pressure on the hair as it can cause tangles. Always comb the hair using wide-toothed brush and leave the hair to dry naturally without using any hair dryers. Try to create hairstyles that can prevent tangles such as braid, bun and ponytail while moving out of your home. Before going to bed in the night cover the pillow with fiber fabric that is soft and you can also cover the entire hair with sleep cap. Get an haircut on regular basis and mainly to prevent split ends which is considered to be one of the main reason in causing tangles in the hair.

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