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Mixing Gray Magic To Color Hair


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Gray magic is a hairstyling product that can be used on the hair to take the color. There are different hair coloring product that can be used to color the hair and if you have gray hair make sure that it is able to take the color first. Go to hairs specialist to known which type of hair color is good to be used for covering the gray hair. Just use the following method to mix the gray magic along with hair color.
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First prepare the hair by washing it and drying. Try to do a strand test before using the color on your hair. Then mix the color by following the directions on the box along with peroxide. Include your gray magic product with the hair color and try to mix it properly. Mix gray Magic about 10 drops in one ounce of hair color to cover the hair in a perfect manner. Before using the gray magic into the color, try to read the instructions carefully before mixing the product. Start applying the mixed hair color throughout the hair by following the directions and leave it on as per the time mentioned. Make sure to consult a hairstylist before using any type of hair on your hair. There are also other types of hair colors that can be used to cover your gray hair, but mixing it with gray magic can give beautiful look.

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