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Bandana Updo Hairstyle


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Bandana updo is a simple hairstyle that can be achieved by anyone at home without using any special techniques. This style can be created with silk hair band or a normal rubber band. Most of the people wear this hairstyle as it can be created within few minutes. You can also style the hair in this way for any occasions and you can wrap the hair with the silk scarf during bad hair days.
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Begin the styling by combing the hair with help of a normal hair brush and use a hairspray to mist it all over the head. The hairspray will keep the hair ends in place without making them flyaway after the hairstyling process. Then take your entire hair over the head and secure it with the help of a silk hair band. You can simply use the silk scarf to wrap it about few inches away over the hairline. Try to style the hair with a bow of your choice to make it look beautiful. Look at the entire hair to check it has been perfectly wrapped with the scarf or you can use the same method to redo the complete process once again. Always use silk scarf to wrap the hair and avoid using other types of cloths as they can spoil your look. Use the hairspray that is suitable for your hair type before staring the hair wrapping process.

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