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Taking Care Of Hair Residue At Home


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Hair residue can become one of the worst problem for a perfect hairstyle. The hair can look dull as well as lifeless with a residue which normally occurs even with the daily used shampoos, conditioners and more. Just use this method for treating the hair residue without any hair specialist.
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First take half cup apple cider vinegar in a bowl of warm water. Then wash the hair as usual using a standard shampoo and rinse it carefully. Remove the water from your hair and use the mixture over the hair for rinsing it again. Try to massage the mixture over your hair gently and leave it on for about 2-3 minutes. Then rinse the entire hair once again and use the hair conditioner all over the hair. Rinse the hair again for the final time and make it dry naturally. Now style the hair as you wish as it will look shinier as well as manageable. Avoid following this process on daily basis as it can take the natural oil available in your hair which can be harmful to it. You can also use cold water for rinsing the hair after applying the vinegar and warm water mixture on your hair to add more shine into the hair. Make sure to use this treatment only after washing the hair with a normal shampoo and don’t try this everyday as it can make the hair less oily.

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