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Using Milk With Honey For Straightening Hair


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Making the hair straight can give a completely new look. The hair straightening can be done with different hairstyling techniques, but they all can be very much expensive. You can also make your hair fully straight using flat irons, but they can cause damage to the hair. There is another natural option for making your hair straight that is with the help of milk and honey. Make sure to mix equal amount of both the ingredients to create the straightening paste.
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To to do this process, first you must take powdered milk in a bowl and mix it with water. Then add honey into the bowl to create a paste by mixing all of them together. You must add powdered milk as per your desire to achieve the paste in a perfect way. Try to match the powdered milk with the honey in a proper way so that the paste created can be used on the hair. Start applying the mixture on your hair from top to end and let it stay on the hair for about twenty minutes. You can also use the mixture over the scalp as it will not cause any damage to it. Now you can wash the hair normally before styling the hair as you wish. Use this method on regular basis before washing the hair using a shampooing to make the hair straight as well as maintain it in the same way.

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