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Applying Color On Your Scalp


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Coloring the scalp can give a fuller look to your thinning hair. There are colored lotions available in the store that can be used on the scalp to look like hair all over the head. You can also use powder-based coloring product on your hair to cover the scalp.
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First select the scalp color that looks good with your hair. Get help from a hairstylist while purchasing the scalp color for using it over the head. Then read the instructions carefully and the items that it consists, so you will be able to stay away from reactions after applying it over the scalp. Next wash the hair as usual before conditioning and spread a small amount of petroleum jelly around the hairline to prevent the color from entering into the other areas. Now you must sit in front of the mirror and brush the entire hair to make the scalp area easily visible. Start applying the scalp color all over the area using the sponge that will be provided along with the product. Make sure to apply the color using the sponge by simply wiping it over the scalp. Don’t put pressure over the scalp while wiping the color as it can remove it slightly. Use the same way for applying the color throughout your scalp and make it dry naturally. Finally have look at your entire head to see whether it has been covered completely.

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