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Flattop Haircutting Technique


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Flattop haircut is a very unique hairstyle that is mostly styled by men. But some of the women try this hairstyling method to get a different kind of look. In this hairstyle, the hair at the side the head will be shaved almost close to your head and the hair on top of the head will left as it is which will grow as long as possible. Try to apply grease all over in case it looks coarse and other types of hair can be cut as it is. You must also brush the hair perfectly to make sure that it is easy to cut.
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To begin, first take the clippers and cut the hair that is at the side of your head. Try to cut hair at the bottom using the clippers with open-faced. You can use the clippers at least two times to make the haircut perfect. Try to use biggest guard to cut the hair over the head and cut the hair across top of the head using the same guard. You must use the same method at least 3-4 times on top of the head to make it look even all the sides. Make sure to move the guard two inches from front of your head and then move back as well as between the barriers. To achieve the flattop haircut, always cut the hair with the guard and using other styling tools may spoil your entire look.

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