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Treating Hair With Homemade Yogurt Conditioner


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Yogurt conditioner is known to be one of the best product for treating dry hair and to control the flyaways. You must follow a simple process to create the yogurt conditioner at home and apply it over the hair for making it look shiny as well as beautiful. There are different methods that can be followed while preparing the yogurt hair conditioner for using it over the hair. Try to find out if you are allergic to of these items before trying to use them as natural hair conditioner.
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Take 4 tbsp plain yogurt in a bowl and mix one egg into it. Then wash your hair and start spreading the mixture from top to end of your hair. Make it stay on the hair for about ten minutes and rinse it well with cold water. Another option is mixing 1 tbsp yogurt along with items such as half banana,  half tbsp wheat germ oil, 1/4 cantaloupe and 1/4 avocado. Mix all these items properly in a bowl and apply it over the hair. Leave it for about fifteen minutes on the hair before rinsing it as usual. The third option is taking one cracked egg and mix 6 tbsp natural yogurt. Then spread it on the hair for about fifteen minutes and rinse it gently. You can also use another method which includes mash up of mango or banana and adding natural yogurt into it for applying it on the hair.

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