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Making Coarse Hair Straight Naturally


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Making the coarse hair straight can be a easy process if you are going to a hairstylist. But the hairstylist will use few styling tools and products that can damage the hair slightly. You can also make the hair straight at home with the help of few natural products. You must use flat iron and blow dryers with medium heat during the styling process along with hair conditioner as well as pomade to prevent hair damage.
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To begin the styling, clean your hair by washing it with shampoo and apply a hair conditioner to make it moisturized. Then dry your hair using a blow dryer and try to use the comb attachment during this process which can be helpful in making your hair straight. Now take the flat iron with medium heat for applying over the hair from top to end. Make sure to make sections in the hair before using the flat iron and don’t use the iron more than once as it can damage the hair. After using the flat iron on every section of your hair, check the entire hair to see whether it has been properly straightened. Now you can style the hair without using any styling products. You can apply a small amount of pomade all over your hair after the straightening process only if needed as it can maintain the hair straight for a long time.

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