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Twisted Mini Afro Hairstyle


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Twisted mini afro is the most common hairstyle that is liked by most of the people. This hairstyle can be a perfect choice for those who have layered hair. To achieve this hairstyle you must also have a short hair that will be used for the twisting purpose. Try to prepare the products that are necessary for styling the hair in this way such as U wire and hairspray.
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To achieve the twisted mini afro hairstyle, you must mist the entire hair with a spray. Then take s small part of your hair which will be sued for wrapping and looping with the U wire to create the 8 shape. Now your hair section must look similar to the braid and leave it with the wire for about twenty minutes. Then take the wire out of the hair part and make sure to do this without putting any pressure over the hair as it can cause breakage. Apply a small amount of pomade over the hair section and comb it over from top to bottom. Now your will have the twisted mini afro created on your hair. Use the same method on the remaining hair parts all over the hair to create the same type of hair. Avoid using other hairstyling tools and products while creating this style at home. Be careful while using the U wire over the hair section as it can make the hair tangled.

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