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Creating A Gymnastics Hairstyle


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Gymnastics hairstyle can be of different types and if you are planning to go for the gymnastics meets try to dress yourself in a proper way along with a particular hairstyle. Most of the people will pull their hair at the back of the head and secure it using hair pins.
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The first option is misting the hair with water to make it slightly damp and slick your hair at the back of your head to create the braid before drying your hair. You can also spread hair gel throughout the hair before taking the hair back. Another option is brushing the entire hair towards the back of your head to make a simple ponytail and use ponytail holder for keeping the hair secured behind the head. You can also try to braid the hair and form a simple bun with it. Use ponytail holder to keep the bun in place and make few strands of hair to fall in front of the head. Try using foam curlers for keeping the hair rolled if you have a short hair. To do this take a small hair section for wrapping it around the curler when it is still damp. Leave the hair section with the curler for about 5-6 hours before taking it out of the hair. The final option would be brush the hair all over the head to make it smooth and secure them using hair clips and mist the entire hair with a spray.

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