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Creating Hairstyle Like Eva Marcille Pigford


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Eva Marcille Pigford has got a unique hairstyle that can be worn by anyone with medium to short hair. Even though she styles her hair in different ways, the most worn hairstyle is short. You can follow these simple steps to create her hairstyle even with a long hair without going to a hairstylist. Instead of cutting the hair like Eva Marcille Pigford, you can just brush the hair at the side of your head to create the illusion of shaved sides to create this hairstyle.
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First tease your hair with the help of a teasing brush and section your hair. This is very important if you have medium to long hair which can make it look like shaved sides. Create a simple ponytail and keep it in place using hair tie. Then take one inch hair part for keeping it inside the hair tie and mist the hair with a spray from the scalp to the end of your hair. Now take the teased hair for twisting it around to form a simple bun at the bottom of your head. You can use bobby pins for keeping the buns secured in a perfect place. Try using lot of bobby pins wherever it is required to keep the hair in place. You must create the shaved head sides look using the bobby pins only to achieve Eva Marcille Pigford hairstyle without cutting the hair.

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