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Methods To Maintain Wavy Micro Braid


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Wavy micro braid are created with wet hair before keeping it over the weft. You must maintain the wavy micros properly to keep the natural hair as well as braids in perfect shape. There are few things that must be followed while taking care of the wavy micros.
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Always mist the braids with water before using the leave-in hair conditioner. Then take hair section by simply scrunching it with your hand and brush only the ends using wide-tooth brush. This will maintain the braids with any tangles. Next mist the braids with moisturizer that is oil-based to keep it shiny and stay away from liquid hair moisturizer as they can make the hairstyle look really bad. Try washing your braids using clarifying shampoo before applying conditioner and make sections in your hair before the washing process. Use clarifying shampoo mainly at the hair root before using it over the scalp of your head and rinse the hair normally. Make the hair to dry naturally and never leave it damp. Once your hair gets dry fully take the sections for applying a hair conditioner throughout. Scrunch your hair using the hands which can bring back the original wavy texture. If possible get help from a hair specialist by going to a saloon about once in a month. Don’t leave the braids with loose hairs as it can spoil your maintaining process, so it is important to consult the hairstylist.

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