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Pixie Crop Haircut


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Pixie crop haircut is very easy to do and there is no need to use any special equipment to achieve it. This haircut will look good on those who have short hair and it can look good on all types of face shapes. Try to cut the hair when it damp and cutting a dry hair can cause difficulty in handling the hair.
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Start the haircutting process with a cleanly washed hair and try to condition it normally. Keep the hair slightly wet during the styling process and make sure to brush it to remove tangles. Now take electric clipper along with medium clipper gate attachment and start cutting the hair ends from the hairline in front of your head. Move towards side of your head and near the temples before doing the same on the other side of your head. Try to cut your hair behind the head evenly and try out thinning shears along with cutting comb for achieving texturizing hair layers at the back of your head as well as at the sides. Once the hair has been cut in this manner, try to brush it using a normal comb and blow dry your entire hair. You can cut the hair that comes out of your hairstyle using scissors to maintain the actual shape of the hairstyle. Finally apply a hair gel before styling the hair as you wish.

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