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Hairstyle With Annie Curls


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Annie curls is one of the finest hairstyle that can be worn by anyone from young to old. Before starting the hairstyling method, you must know how to create normal curly hairstyle. Then just follow this technique step by step to achieve the hairstyle in a perfect way. After creating this hairstyle, you must also know the way to maintain it perfectly.
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Begin your process as usual by making different sections in the hair which must about two inch in size. Then mist the sections with a spray as it can prevent the hair from getting damaged while using the ceramic iron. Now take the ceramic iron for applying it over the hair in about 45 degree angle and try to pull your hair with the iron from root of your hair towards the scalp. You must also twist the hand in order to make the hair curly. At last use a hairspray again throughout the hair to make it stay in place. While going to bed in the night, try to cover the entire head with a silk scarf to maintain the hairstyle in perfect shape. Make sure not to apply the ceramic iron on your hair for a long time and always use it with medium heat. Get support from a friend while using the iron while styling the hair at the back of your head from top to bottom.

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