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Styling Hair With Thermal Waving Tools


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Thermal waving is a method that is used to create wavy hairstyle with the help of heat. The thermal waving technique can be done with help of any heat styling tools such as barrel waver, flat iron and more. Just use the following steps to style the hair with the thermal waving tools.
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First make sure that you are going to start the styling with a completely washed and dry hair. Then select the right tool for creating the wavy look in your hair. Take one inch iron to create normal looking wavy hairstyle and to create bigger waves try to use large tools. Make sure to spread a small amount of hair gel all over your hair to prevent damaged caused by the styling tools. Apply the thermal waving into your hair from scalp to end of your hair by simply sliding it down. Just rotate the tools with your hair in one direction and do the same with the remaining hair parts. After reaching the end of your hair try to move it very gently. Once the tool has been taken out of your hair, there will be waves all over the hair section from top to bottom. Mist the hair with a finishing spray and style it as per your desire. Most of the people prefer to leave the hair to fall naturally after creating the waves in it.

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