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Styling Your Hair With Texturizing Shears


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Texturizing shears can be used by anyone to style their hair in different ways. It is also one of the best tools to increase the volume in your hair. You can also create layers with this tool even if you have a thin hair. Just follow this technique while using the texturizing shears perfectly. But you must try to practice the cutting process with the texturizing shears with a wig before trying the same method on your natural hair. Once the hair is cut with the shears it is impossible to correct the hairstyle.
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Try to clean the hair with a shampoo and condition it properly before starting the hairstyling. Then brush your hair fully and decide about length of your hair. Next cut the hair across using the normal shears when the hair is slightly damp. Take another hair section diagonally and start cutting it with the shears from the middle part of your hair. Then move the shears gently in upward motion and stop the process when you have about three inches of hair on top. You can use the same method of cutting the hair with shears until the entire hair looks the same way and don’t try to cut the hair too much. Brush the hair using a fine toothed brush and in case you have left any stray hair, try to trim them using the normal shears.

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