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Coloring Your Hair Roots At Home


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If you are coloring the hair it is important to visit a saloon on regular basis to maintain the hair color perfectly. Most of the time the natural hair color will start to appear within a week after the coloring process. In case you are not able to go to a saloon for coloring the roots at a saloon, you can do the same at home. There are different types of root touch-up product available, try to select the suitable one for your hair.
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Begin the styling after combing the hair to remove tangles and wear hand gloves. Then take the root touch-up product and mix it properly as per the instructions along with the developer in a bowl. Now make sections in the hair about 1-2 inches thick all over the head and secure them with a clip. Next take one of the hair sections to apply color over the part that has its natural look. Use this method on the remaining sections of your hair and apply hair color only on the roots and avoid touching other parts of your hair. Make the color stay on your hair for about few minutes to check the package to see the time mentioned over it. It is important to read the instructions carefully before using the touch-up product as you have to wash the hair with the shampoo or just rinse it as usual.

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