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Vintage Sailor Style


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Vintage sailor hairstyle is one of the most beautiful way of styling your hair. It can look very difficult for those who are styling their hair in this way for the first time, but it is much easier during the second time. This hairstyle was very popular during the 1930s where most of the people including celebrities used to style their hair like this.
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In this hairstyle, the hair will look curly and it must be secured with the help of a bandana. You can also keep the hair secured by using a ribbon for better look. First curl the hair as usual using the right hair curling tool and then pull the hair on top of the head for holding it in place like a headband. Tie a knot at the middle of your head with the ribbon and try to create a big bow with the remaining ribbon. This style will also look like the pinup hairstyle, but you will not use any hair pins to achieve it. Try to fluff up the hair using your hands to make it look natural and if you have left bangs in front of the head, brush them using a normal hair comb. Try to comb the hair just like teasing which can increase the volume in it. You can also make the hair look much bigger to make the hairstyle look perfect.

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