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Styling Hair Like Saloon Girl


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Saloon girl style is a very old way of styling the hair that is not worn by most of the people in the present day. This hairstyle can give a really unique look of you try to wear it in a perfect way. There are few things that are important to do before creating this type of hairstyle. This hairstyle can be achieved perfectly with a curly hair and others must make their hair curly before proceeding with the hairstyling process. Don’t use curling iron with high temperature on your hair as it can damage it.
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First make two parts in your hair and use a curling iron to create curl in your hair. Just use the normal styling technique to achieve the curls in your hair. Then brush the hair using a normal comb to create a ponytail. Make sure to leave the tendrils to hang loose which is very important in this hairstyle. Use a bungee to secure the ponytail high on top of the head. Then create another ponytail just below the first one and secure it in the same way. At last apply a small amount of finishing gel all over the hair to get into the look. You can also wear hair bands or other hair accessories to make this hairstyle beautiful. Try to match the hairstyle with a proper outfit to make it look completely unique.

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