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Coloring Hair With Wella Wellite Lightener


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Wella Wellite hair lightener is one of the best product for coloring the hair without going to a saloon. The hair lightener can be used to add highlights and even coloring the entire hair. This product is available in a sachet as single application. For using the Wella Wellite lightener on your hair, just follow these simple steps.
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First take Wella Wellite hair lightener and mix it with Wella Creme Developer in equal amount in a bowl. Then cover the shoulder with a towel to prevent the color from falling on the ground. Make sure to wear hand gloves and try to do a strand test before beginning the coloring process. Start applying it over your hair using a normal hair brush. While highlighting the hair with this product, cover the hair strands with a foil which will not be used for the coloring process. Make sure to divide the hair into sections to continue the highlighting process in a perfect manner. Let the color stay on your hair for about half an hour and try to check the color once in 4-5 minutes. Then rinse the hair completely till the coloring product comes out of your hair. You can also use the same color once again if you have not achieved the right color on your hair. At last use a hair conditioner all over the hair and rinse it again.

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