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Styling Your Hair With Bendy Curlers


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Bendy curlers can be used to create beautiful curls in the hair without getting the hair damaged. The curlers are normally very soft and it can be used on the hair without any help to achieve the curls. You can use the same method to create the curls with any type of from short to long. Here is a simple technique to use the bendy curlers to create curls in short hair. Make sure to use a hairspray to spritz all over before applying the bendy curlers in the hair.
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First make a center part over the head to create two sections in your hair and take a small part of hair from behind your head about 2 inches. Brush this hair section from top to bottom and mist it with a spray. Now keep bendy curler over the end of your hair and try to tuck it below the curler. Start rolling the bendy curler upwards and bend it like U shape after reaching the hair root. Do the same with the other parts of your hair and leave it for few hours to make the curls set. You must be careful while taking the bendy curlers out of the hair and don’t put too much of pressure with your hands. Now you can style the curls as per your desire and avoid using a comb to brush the curly hair.

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