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Creating Waves With 3 Barrel Iron


3 barrel iron hair 3 barrel iron hair2
Adding waves in the hair is very easy, but you are planning to create bohemian type hair ways it is important use special styling tools. One of the best hairstyling tools to create the waves is 3 barrel curling iron that can be sued on regular basis to maintain the hairstyle. You can use these steps to create the bohemian waves with the help of 3 barrel iron.
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As usual clean the hair and brush it from top to bottom. Then apply heat-protective hair gel throughout the strands and make sure to spread it only over the hair without touching the roots. Next make sections in the hair and secure each of them in the 3 barrel curling iron. Keep the iron about 3 inches away from the scalp and keep it on for at least 3 seconds to achieve the result. Now you can style the hair as per your wish. If you are planning to create a braid with the hair after the curling process, try to stop the 3 barrel curling iron one inch before reaching the bottom of the hair section. You can use the same styling process on all the hair sections to achieve the best look hairstyle. There is no need to use the curling iron evenly throughout your hair as it can give a very uniform look. Just do the styling causally, so the hairstyle can get a completely natural look.

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