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Styling Hair With Honey Mask


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Honey mask is one of the best solutions for creating a moisturizer for the dry hair. The hair that has been over processed usually needs additional care to make it look in perfect shape. The honey mask can be applied on your hair for moisturizing purpose and it can also treat split hair ends.
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Before preparing the honey mask of your hair, you must try to keep two items ready such as a bottle of honey and olive oil. Then take both these items in a bowl and mix it evenly using a fork. Start applying the mixture from the bowl on your hair from top to end. Once the hair gets covered with the mixture, try cover it using a warm cloth or you can also use a shower cap. Let the honey and olive oil mixture to stay on the hair for at least half an hour before washing the hair as usual. Make sure to use a normal shampoo for washing the hair and try to rinse it completely so the residue comes out of the hair. Now the hair will be moisturized perfectly and you can follow this simple technique on regular basis. If your hair gets dry on occasionally, try to follow this method only during that time and for those who have fully dry hair must apply this mixture once in a week to keep the hair healthy.

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