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Using Mango Moisturizer On Your Hair


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Creating a mango based hair moisturizer can help in different ways and it can be used on dull as well as frizzy hair. This is the best way for treating the hair without using any chemical hairstyling products. The mango has vitamins such as C, E that can make the hair strong and improve hair growth. You can just mix mango along with a banana and plain yogurt to prepare the hair moisturizer for applying it over the hair. Always apply only little amount of this product on your hair in case the hair looks thin to prevent damage.
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First take one mango and slice it into the bowl and add a sliced banana in it. Try to blender both these fruits together and mix 1 tbsp plain yogurt to make the moisturizer ready. You must mix all these items in the bowl together till it becomes like paste. Next wash the hair and maintain it little wet before applying the paste over the hair. You must massage it gently throughout the hair and the scalp using your fingers. Use a towel to cover the head and leave the paste on the hair for about half an hour. Then you can take the towel out of the head and wash the entire hair with the help of a normal shampoo. Make the hair to dry naturally and avoid using any heating tools.

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