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Changing Black Hair Into Red Color


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Changing the color of your hair can be a difficult process and in case the hair is naturally black. If you are changing the changing black hair into red, you must follow particular method to achieve it perfectly without affecting the hair. Try to get help from hairstylist if you are coloring the naturally black hair into red for the first time. You can also do the same at home by following these simple steps, but consult a hair specialist to select the best hair coloring product for achieving the best and suitable result.
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First prepare the hair by washing it gently as usual with the help of a shampoo and dry it with the help of a hair dryer. Then get the best hair color from a store which will be available in different brand names. The box color will be available with the developer and if you are going to beauty product store, make sure to purchase the forty volume developer separately in the store. Start applying the hair color over the hair strands from the middle of your hair and slowly move towards the hair ends. Try on applying the color on your hair completely and leaving it for about 45 minutes to get it processed. It is important to leave the color on your hair for more than one hour to achieve the completely dark red hair color.

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