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Creating Short Waves Using Hair Straightener


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Creating short waves with the help of a hair straightner is not easy as you must follow few simple steps. The short waves can be created with lot of bounce and volume with the straightener such as a flat iron to get a completely natural look. Purchase the perfect hair straightening tool for using it over the hair and use the following technique to get the waves.
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Start by combing the hair from top to bottom using a standard brush and mist it using heat protectant hairspray to prevent the heat from straightener entering into the hair shaft causing damage. Then apply a small amount of hair volumizing gel all over using your hands from the hair roots and move till the hair ends. Now make four parts in the hair and keep them separated using a hair clip. Take one inch hair part for clamping it with the hair straightener and twist it slightly to make it sit vertically over the hair. Try to slide the hair straightener over the hair strands towards the bottom very fast. Take the clamps out of your hair and pull it gently through your hair straightener to make it free from the hair strand. Continue the same method on the other hair parts and finally comb them using your fingers. Mist the hair with hold spray to make it look shiny and leave it to fall naturally.

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