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Dealing With Frizzy Hairline


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Frizzy hairline can be mostly found among people with curly hair as it is very difficult to control. There are few things that can help in dealing with the frizzy hairline without using any special hairstyling products. Washing the hair and conditioning it with proper technique is very important to control the frizzy hairline. Don’t comb the hair near the hairline as it can make it look frizzy and try to use boar-bristled comb for brushing the hair.
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Try to clean the hair about 2-3 times in a week and rinse it properly so there is no shampoo left out in the hair. Always wash the hair using sulfate-free hair shampoo and hair conditioner to control flyaways. Brush the hair after applying the leave-in conditioner to make it spread evenly all over. You must also apply a styling gel all over your hair with the help of your fingers and cover it using a scarf. Try to style the hair with anti-frizz serum and mainly apply it over the hairline where there are more flyaways. You must also style the hair in particular way to control the frizz in your hair. Wear hairstyles such as ponytail and updo to maintain the frizz hair. Always lie down on the satin pillowcase as it can control hair breakage that can cause frizz hair. Also stay away from hairstyling tools such as blow-dryers to prevent frizzy hair.

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