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Hairstyle With Crimped Ringlets


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Crimped ringlets are a type of hairstyle that is a perfect choice for any type of occasions. It can be achieved in any type of hair. This style can be created only with the help of a hairstyling tool and by visiting a hair specialist. But with the following steps you will be able to create the same style at home. It is important to create the perfect crimped hair to create the ringlets in a proper way.
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To begin styling process, first you must try to crimp the hair with the help of a crimping tool. Just get suggestions from the hairstylist about crimping the hair or you can also tell them crimp your hair. Once the hair has been crimped properly, try to apply a small amount of hair serum which can keep the hair protected from the heat produced by the styling tool. Now take a hairspray to mist the entire hair and pull out a small part of hair to wind it around the wanded iron barrel. Let the hair stay in the barrel for about few seconds before unwinding it from the tool. Make sure not to keep your hair for a long time in the barrel as it can create tight curls. Leave the hair to fall on its own after taking it out of the barrel to create natural looking crimped ringlets in your hair.

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