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Twisted Hair Rows


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Twisted hair rows can be called as the most unique way of styling the hair. This hairstyle can keep the hair in place for a long time and it also needs very less maintenance. Use this method to create twisted rows at home than going to a saloon. Don’t use any type of hairstyling tools such as gel, hairspray or comb as you can just use your hands to create it at home.
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To create the twisted rows in your hair, first make sections as usual in your hair and make sure it is less than half inches. Then select a small part of hair normally from both the side of the head for twisting it similar to the row. Keep this hair part secured using a hair band and use the same technique on the other parts of the hair all over your head. At last there must be rows all over the hair along with twists. Leave the hair in the same way to make it look completely unique or you can just take the hair band out of the hair in the morning. Now your hair will get an amazing look that can be styled with any type of outfit. This hairstyle can be perfect for those who like to go out in the evening. Use rubber bands to secure the hair parts in place than choosing hair bands.

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