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Applying Color On Hair After Allergic Reactions


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Those who have faced allergic reactions to hair color must give extra care while coloring the hair once again. Most of them will face itchiness after they have colored their hair due to allergic reactions which is very common problem. Consult a doctor if the problem increases as it can cause swelling. Here are few ways that must be followed to color the hair again after the allergic reactions. But do the patch test with the hair strand before any of the hair coloring products that are natural or chemically made to prevent any reactions.
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The best option to color the hair is with natural products such as henna as it does not feature any of the chemical ingredients that create allergic reactions. There are also other products like semi-permanent hair color that can be the best option to color the hair on temporary basis. You can also color the hair with botanical dye that is considered to be completely free of chemicals used to prepare hair coloring products. The botanical color is normally made with plant-based items that are not harmful to the hair. In case you want to use the coloring product from a store, try to purchase dye that features low chemicals. Some of the hair coloring products are made without chemicals including EcoColors that is completely free of chemicals and it can be purchased in a beauty store.

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