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Methods To Care For Layered Locks


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Layered hair locks are not easy to manage and you must give extra care while doing it. Most of the hairstyle can be created by simply visiting a hairstylist, but maintaining them needs a hard work. In the same way the hair locks with layers requires special treatment for making it more manageable.
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Start you process by washing the hair with the right shampoo and try to spread hair serum to make it free from frizz. Now use the blow dryer on the locks using the round brush and do the same all over the head. Another option is applying a small amount of anti-frizz gel throughout the hair using your hands and brush them to make it spread evenly. You can also create locks in such a way that it will look wavy with the help of hot rollers. To do this just make the hair to roll into the hot rollers from top to end and after few seconds unroll the hair. Before taking the hair out of the roller try to mist it with a spray. You can also make the hair layer to stick straight out of the head using ceramic hot iron. First use heat-protectant gel over the hair with your fingers and secure it with the iron. After few seconds remove your hair from the iron and spread shine serum all over from top to bottom.

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