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Treating Hair With Homemade Relaxer


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Homemade hair relaxers can be the best way to make the hair straight without using chemical relaxers that is known to cause hair damage. Even though the homemade hair relaxers cannot give the exact result that is provided by the chemical relaxers they can make the hair soft. You can follow the relaxing method by mixing equal amounts of coconut cream and olive oil which will be available in any online retailers. This method can also make your hair more manageable along with a healthy and soft look without causing any damage.

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First take 3 tbsp coconut cream in a bowl and mix it along with 3 tbsp olive oil. Then mix 1/3 cup whole milk into the bowl till you are able to create cream mixture. Next separate the hair as per your desire into various sections. Start applying this mixture all over the hair using your fingers and after using it on the entire hair cover it with a plastic wrap. Leave the hair on with the mixture for around one hour before rinsing it from the hair as usual. Use mild shampoo for washing the at least twice while washing the hair. You can use this technique on the hair once in a week or use it more to keep the hair relaxed. But this process can keep the hair straight only for some time and you must use the mixture on regular basis to keep your hair straight.

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