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Rip Twist Hairstyle


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Rip twist hairstyle is a unique way of styling your hair that will almost look like the dreadlocks end. This style can be easily achieved at home and it is a perfect choice for those who want to create the dreadlocks like hairstyle without twisting the hair too much. Just follow this braiding and ripping method to create this hairstyle.
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This hairstyle will mostly have a tangled look along with a sharp edge at the end of your hair. To create rip twists in your hair, first comb the hair after creating one inch hair part from top to bottom. Then twist your hair with each other to start the braiding process and make sure it looks like a rope. After creating the braid on each section of the hair, try to brush the next hair section that will be used for the braiding process. Now you must remove the braid out of your hair one by one. You can also create the first braid and remove it before moving on to the other section of hair. Try to create the braid on each hair section and remove it several times till you reach the end of your hair. Style the hair as per your desire or you can also create a simple ponytail. Most of the people will try to leave the hair loose to get a beautiful natural looking hairstyle.

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