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Twisted Hair Extensions


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Twisted hair extensions have been very popular among most of the women even though it is difficult to create this style at home. You can go to a hair specialist for styling your hair in this way for first few times and later on you can do this at home. Lot of patience is required to achieve this look at home and stay focused during the styling process. Try to do the styling gently thought the head and especially at the hair ends.
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First get the extension hair which is texturized as they are available in different types. Next take a section of your natural hair which will be used for twisting and fold your artificial hair into half for wrapping it around the natural hair section over the head. Now must have 4 sections that will be used for braiding process. Take one part of your hair over the head and one part of your extension hair for adding it together which will provide you with three braiding sections. Try to braid your hair for about 4 links and add lone hair strand along with lone extension hair to have 2 sections of hair. Start twisting these two sections by twirling the hair strands in between the fingers to mix both fake and natural hair together. After reaching the end of your hair try to roll them in between the fingers or you can also use the foam rollers at the end.

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