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Methods To Treat Hair After Removing Weave


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Treating the hair once the weave has been removed is a very important process. In the hair weaving, extensions will be attached to the natural hair using glue. The hair has lot of chances of getting damaged after the weave gets removed out of it. Don’t use hairstyling products that feature chemicals after taking the weave out of your hair as it needs some time to come to its original stage after the weave removing process.
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First wash the hair using a standard shampoo and apply a recognized hair conditioner that features SPF protection. Always comb the entire hair when it is still damp using a wide-toothed hair brush. Use the leave-in conditioner all over the hair using your fingers and try to make it enter into the shaft of your hair. Apply oil on the hair one weekly basis as it can help in hydrating your hair providing a fresh look. Let the oil stay on your hair for about fifteen minutes before starting the rinsing process. Try to increase the intake of proteins in your diet because it can make the hair look healthy as well as shiny. You can eat food products that contain more proteins such as meat, seeds and more. Stay away from heat producing products that are used while styling the hair. The heat produced from these products can make the hair treatment process more difficult.

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