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Ashley Olsen With Demi Hair Wave


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Ashley Olsen is wearing a hairstyle with demi wave which is a simple looking wavy style. This hairstyle is liked by most of the women and even celebrities as many of them have been spotted with this look on different occasions. Here is a simple technique to get this hairstyle don on your hair. Just use the diffuser to create this look along with the metal brush.
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First clean your hair using a normal shampoo and spread a small amount of anti-frizz conditioner. Now take the curling spray to mist it over your hair to create the curly look. In case you have a straight hair, mist it with volumizing mousse. Next use the diffuser for drying your hair by bending the head upside down to make your hair fall down in front of the head. The hair must maintain the slight dampness in it after the drying process and you must comb it as usual. Make a simple zigzag part by twisting the hair and create a bun in the sections over your head. Leave the hair with the bun for about 20 minutes and remove the bun from your hair. Mist the entire hair with lightweight hairspray and comb the hair with metal brush. Try to roll your using the brush before looping your hair with the curl clip. You can take the clip out of your hair after 30 minutes to end the styling process.

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