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Creating Curls With Brazilian Remy Hair


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Brazilian Remy hair is mostly worn by people who want to create a unique hairstyle without using their natural hair. In case you are planning to create curls in the Brazilian Remy hair, try to follow the natural method than using any type of chemical hairstyling tool. You can just use the standard flat iron to create the curls in the Brazilian Remy hair. There is no need to use any type of hair gel on your hair.
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As usual start the styling with a clean hair and try to make sections in your hair. Keep the sections separated with hair clips and take the flat iron with medium setting. Then brush the entire hair using a comb and apply the flat iron from top to bottom of the hair for the curling process. Avoid using too much of heat on the hair with the iron as it can cause damage. Keep the flat iron from the nape of your neck and move towards the end of your hair very gently without putting too much of pressure. Try to create the curls with the iron in small piece of hair on each section. Try to create more curls at the end of your hair than in other parts of the hair. The curls on top of the head must be very light as it can give a voluminous look to your hair.

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