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Big Box Braids


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Big box braids can be achieved by adding extensions with your natural hair. Try to purchase the best synthetic hair for creating this hairstyle at home. This style can give a unique look if you follow the right method in creating it. You must have at least medium length natural hair to achieve this look. While doing this hairstyle at home for the first time, get help from a friend. There is no need to get panic while applying the synthetic hair on your head as you can just follow the technique mentioned on the packet.
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First comb the hair after washing it with a mild shampoo and applying little amount of conditioner. Once your hair looks dry, divide it into one inch width. Now take lengthy synthetic hair and bend it into half. Try to wrap its looped end around the base of your head. Separate your natural hair into half and there must be a total of four strands over the head which includes two natural hair strands and two synthetic hair strands. Start crossing one of the strands over the other just like creating the braid and do the same on the other hair sections that was created earlier. Use a rubber hair band to keep the hair parts secured at the end. Now the big box braid will be ready that can be styled as per your wish.

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