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Taking Candle Wax Out Of Your Hair


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Candle wax that is stuck on the hair can be very difficult to remove as it can cause serious damage to the hair. Most of the people will try to cut their hair using scissors instead of just taking the wax out of it. There are also other ways that can be used for removing the candle wax out of the hair.
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First take the hair section that has the candle wax and place it between two paper towels. Then use the hair dryer with medium setting over the hair section with the paper towel from top to end of your hair. Now the heat produced by the hair dryer will melt the candle way on your hair and the paper towel will absorb it very easily. In case the candle wax is at the hair end, try to dip it inside a bowl of hot water. The hot water will make the wax to melt slowly that can be removed using the paper towel. Another option is placing the hair inside the bowl of cubes as it will make the candle wax to become hard. Then you can just break it using a hard substance without damaging the hair. The last option would be using olive oil for massaging it over the hair with candle wax. This process will make the wax on your hair loose, so i can be removed easily using your hands.

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