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Making Straight Hair Look Bouncy


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Making a straight hair to look bouncy can be easily achieved. Having a long and coarse hair can be useful in making it look layered all-over. Most of the women would like to make their hair straight and layered, but it may lack the attraction that is provided when the hair gets bouncy. To maintain the layered straight hair in a perfect shape, try to get haircuts at least once in 4 weeks. Don’t layer the hair too much near your crown as they can give a choppy look.
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Start your styling technique by washing the hair and dry it using a normal towel. Make sure to use a conditioner over the hair and brush it gently to take out the tangles. Next dry the hair using a blow dryer and don’t use a brush during this process. You must turn the head towards right side to continue the drying process and use your finger for styling the hair if it is too long. Now use a round brush just below the hair section that is short starting from top of your crown. You must blow dry the hair using the brush and take the hair section from both side of your crown. Continue this process all around your hair and especially over the bangs. At last apply a pomade over the hair ends or you can also mist it with a spray only over the hair ends which will keep them bouncy.

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