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Changing Hair Color With Carrot Juice


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Carrot juice is a natural product that can be applied over the hair to change its color. This is one of the best method for coloring your hair without using any type of chemical hair coloring products. Here is a method that can be helpful while coloring your hair using the carrot juice. Try to test the carrot juice mixture by applying it slightly over one section of your hair to prevent any kind of reaction. Some of the people may be allergic to this type of natural coloring product, so it is always better to do the strand test.
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As usual you must begin the coloring process with a neatly washed hair. Then maintain the hair slightly damp during your entire coloring process which is very important. Now wear hand gloves and take half cup of carrot juice and mix it along with the beet. Make sure that both these items are mixed properly in a bowl. Next you must start applying the mixture over the hair from top to bottom and make it stay for about one hour on your hair. Once the mixture applied over the hair gets dry, try to wash it completely using normal shampoo. Once the hair becomes dry, you will be able to see the result slightly. But you must use the same technique on regular basis for few weeks to achieve the best result.

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