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Hairstyle With Crimped Bob


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Crimped bob is a hairstyle that can be created with any type of hair and it can be achieved with the help of few simple styling methods. One of the simple way of styling the bob with crimps is by using the wave irons. There is also another method that is known as the braiding which is used to achieve the same type of crimped hairstyle.
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You must first brush the hair to create two sections and mist both of them with a thermal spray. Don’t start the styling process with misting the hair with the spray as it can cause serious damage to it. Now take your wave iron for crimping it to the hair starting from your scalp and gently move to the end of your hair. Let the wave iron stay on your hair section for just 5 seconds and not more. Do the same on the hair all over your head and the hair will be crimped. You can stand in front of the mirror to check the hair strands have been crimped properly and incase there are any hair strands left out without crimping, use the same technique once again on the hair part. At last use your fingers to brush the hair and avoid using a hair comb as it can cause frizz in your hair. Try to use styling spray to maintain this hairstyle in perfect shape.

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