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Ways To Style Hair With Caruso Curlers


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Caruso curlers are the best hairstyling tool that is capable of producing both heat as well as steam. This tool can be used to achieve beautiful curls all over the hair and it can stay without any touch-up for a long time. There are different types Caruso curlers available in the store, but all of them are able to provide the same result.
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Before using the Caruso curlers for styling the hair, make sure that the hair has been properly maintained. Then take the Caruso hair setter after removing its top and add cold water in the fill line. Now plug it in till its gets heated that will be for about thirty seconds only. Take the Caruso roller and keep it over the spindle to make the steam to enter into sponge roller that will take about ten seconds only. Never leave the roller on your hair more than fifteen seconds. Next take Caruso roller for rolling it over the hair as per your wish and keep it secured using plastic clip that is provided along with the product. Leave the roller on your hair for about ten minutes that is the normal time taken by the product to set the hair and in case your hair is too thick it may consume some more time. Try to take the Caruso curlers out of your hair gently and leave it cool.

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