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Applying L’oreal Color On Your Hair


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L’oreal color is used by most of the people to create unique looking colorful hairstyle. It is easily available at a hairstyling store and can be used by following the instructions carefully. There are few ways that must be followed while applying this color on your hair at home. It is important to any coloring product before you try to apply it over the small hair strand at any part of your hair to prevent any type of allergies.
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To start, first get the L’oreal hair coloring kit that must include color and developer. Now wear hand gloves before pouring the developer into the applicator bottle and mixing it with the color. Then shake the bottle. Next add the L’oreal creme color in a bowl and mix the developer into it. Try to mix them evenly with the help of a applicator brush to make it smooth. Pull out 1/4-inch hair part horizontally near the nape of your neck. Start applying the mixed color over the hair very gently starting from the nape of your neck. Then leave it on for about half an hour to make the hair color dry. Make sure to do the strand test before applying the color over entire hair and don’t use the color on your skin. If you feel any type of irritation after the color is applied over the hair strand, wash it immediately.

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