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Creating Twists On A Relaxed Hair


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Relaxed hair can be twisted to make it look really unique and it is also a simple way of styling your hair. Most of the people consider this hairstyle to be versatile and it can be created with any type of hair. It is also known to be a very low maintenance hairstyle that can be managed very easily. Apply a small amount of oil over your twisted hair to maintain it shiny as well as moisturized.
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To achieve this twisted hairstyle with the relaxed hairstyle, first you make your hair clean by washing it and divide it into 4 parts separately. Then take one hair part and mist it with a water to make it moisturized. Brush the section and divide it again into 2 parts which will be used for twisting each other. You must try to curl the hair ends of the twisted section using the perm rod. Try to create the curls only at the end of your hair which will maintain the twisted hair in its original position. Use the same technique on the remaining hair parts that was divide first time. You can take the perm rods out of the hair section once your hair becomes fully dry. You can cover the hair after twisting it with a silk bonnet before going to bed in the night. The hair section can be twisted once it starts to lose its shape.

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