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Applying Bleach On A Black Hair


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Bleaching is a process that is done on the hair before undergoing coloring. This will make the hair coloring process very easy. Coloring the black hair is considered to be a very difficult process and bleaching the black hair can make it light in color. There is a way to apply bleach on a black hair. The hair can get damaged very easily during the bleaching process, so consult a hair specialist before undergoing this process at home.
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First day you must clean your hair using shampoo and apply a leave-in conditioner. Next day take bleach solution in a bowl and mix it as per the directions mentioned on the kit. Wear hand gloves and apply this solution on a small hair strand for testing purpose to prevent any allergy. Then cover the entire shoulder with a towel to prevent the mixture from falling over your skin. Apply the bleach on your hair starting from behind the head and over towards top. Make sure that all the hair strands have been evenly coated with the bleaching product. Cover the head with plastic cap and leave it on as per the time mentioned on the bleaching kit. Don’t leave the bleaching product on the hair for a long time as it can cause hair damage. At last rinse the hair using a shampoo and condition it as usual with a hair conditioner to maintain the moisture in your hair.

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